Friday, May 24, 2019

DesignCap: A Free Posters Designer

If you are in hurry to make a poster, then look no further. A useful poster designer might resolve your task. Designcap, a web-based program, assists you in making a professional-looking poster in just a few minutes.


The poster designer, a user-friendly graphics tool, is especially made for non-designers. Even a novice with zero designing experience can effortlessly make an excellent poster with Designcap. It has been developed by PearlMountain, a graphics software company, which continues to improve the service by adding much more designing material to improve your design experience.


Features of Designcap

  • Substantial Library of Resources

    It also allows you to customize those by importing images from your computer and Facebook. You can also enhance your posters by using well-prepared clipart. A lot of backgrounds gives you a pool to house from. All these resources are free to apply your poster making.

  • Variety of Templates

    Designcap offers various poster templates related to various categories like education, games, business, music, travels, motivation, birthday etc. These professionally designed templates let you create your own posters and flyers for your special occasions and events.

  • Effective Poster Editing Toolbox

    As the saying goes, Sharp tools do good work. Designcap has a series of editing tools for you to custom your posters. In the part of Photo, you could custom them rotating, flipping, the setting of the layer, also, you could change their effect by setting their opacity, exposure, brightness, etc. About the Text, you could change the font size, color and other operation. Actually, these little editing toolboxes are similar to some extent. So it is easy to conduct but also helpful to your task.

  • Effortless Poster Design

    Designcap provides a wide range of poster with various themes which makes your designing easy and effortless. You do not need to make your poster from scratch. You can just choose a fit template and customize on it with your unlocking creative gene. The abundant designing elements including photos, fonts, clipart and background make the poster designing more manageable.

Some Design Templates

Graduation TemplateLibrary Template
Graduation TemplateLibrary Template
Education TemplateTravel Template
Education TemplateTravel Template

With poster generator, designing your own custom motivational poster is much easier than you think. As there are many templates available to suit to your needs, you can easily choose a perfect poster whether you want it for your classroom, office or your home. You can add quotes of your choice on these designs in stylish text fonts to meet your personal needs.


DesignCap is good choice of design model for novice or completely amateurs. So, if you have interest in designing but do not have knowledge about how to start, DesignCap can be a great option to start with. You even do not need too much-complicated learning to grasp it. Without any advanced knowledge, you can easily design beautiful posters in no time.

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