Monday, June 24, 2019

Apple Reminds You That You Can’t Pay Your Tax With Apple Store Gift Cards

Apple’s gift cards can be used to purchase things digitally, such as apps, music, movies, and more. However, what it can’t do is pay your taxes. We suppose that is pretty obvious already but it seems that due to a recent spate in scam calls, Apple has been forced to remind customers that no, they can’t pay their taxes using Apple Store gift cards.


For those who are unfamiliar with the scam making its rounds, basically the victim will receive a call via a spoofed phone number that looks like it belongs to the IRS. The caller will tell the victim that they are from the IRS and that they have unpaid taxes that need to be settled otherwise they will face arrest.

As if that wasn’t enough to send people into a panic, the caller then tells the victim that they can settle their unpaid taxes by using gift cards bought from Apple. All they need to do is buy enough gift cards to cover the unpaid amount, give them the gift card codes over the phone, and their “debt” is settled.

As we said, it is pretty obvious that you cannot pay for your taxes using gift cards, but unfortunately, this is a scam that is still making its rounds not just in the US, but also other countries. The warning label can be found at the bottom of the gift cards where it warns users that this gift card cannot be used for payments outside of the US App Store, iTunes, or for taxes.

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