Thursday, June 27, 2019

Canon Releases Aplio a-series Budget Ultrasounds

Canon Medical is releasing a new line of ultrasounds, called the Aplio a-series. Presented at this year’s American Society of Echocardiography’s annual meeting, the Aplio a450 and Aplio a550 are designed to be competitively priced while offering multi-purpose advanced imaging, including cardiac imaging.

Built with some features taken from Canon’s more advanced ultrasounds, the a-series, for example, features a-Beam technology which can peer deeper into tissues and provide crisper images. iSense, another feature, helps technicians to quickly scan patients and obtain appropriate exam results from patient to patient.

The Aplio a550 also offers AutoEF and Strain Imaging (Wall Motion Tracking).

“With our customers and patients in mind, we designed the Aplio a-series by integrating industry-leading imaging technologies, advanced applications and intuitive controls all at an affordable price point,” commented Dan Skyba, director, Ultrasound Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc., in a published statement. “The platform offers a complete solution that delivers diagnostic confidence over a wide range of cardiovascular imaging needs, empowering cardiologists to easily perform both routine and complicated imaging exams to advance patient care.”

Product pages: Aplio a450; Aplio a550

Via: Canon Medical

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