Friday, June 28, 2019

Nintendo Could Expand On Its Switch Online Service

One of the perks of subscribing to Nintendo’s Switch Online service is that it gives gamers access to a collection of old NES games that can be replayed on their Switch console. However, given that Nintendo’s console history is more than just the NES, we’re sure some are wondering if this could eventually expand to cover more consoles.


The good news is that there is a chance that could happen. During Nintendo’s investor Q&A session, Nintendo was asked about expanding on its online service and in response to that question, the company said that they are looking to expand its NES games. This has led to speculation that Nintendo is hinting that they might be exploring other older consoles.

As Game Informer points out, there was some datamining done on the NES games on the Switch a few months ago where some references were discovered that hinted at SNES games as well. Nintendo has yet to officially confirm anything, but this could be the closest we might get, at least for now.

It makes sense that Nintendo could cover games from its older consoles, especially given how many of them are very beloved titles by gamers, but when exactly this will happen remains to be seen. In the meantime, perhaps it’s best not to get your hopes up just yet.

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